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Make mine a LARGE… tap water and edamame beans.

02Jan 2012

You can actually hear the brains cranking into gear in this office today; after a luxuriously long Christmas

Bah Humbug! How you can make CASH this Credit-Crunch Christmas

24Nov 2011

Have you checked your bank balance this morning, and felt your stomach lurch in fear? The familiar

Co-cozza we just can’t get enough…

06Nov 2011

By Sally Windsor, company director. I’m not going to lie; my Saturday nights are largely made up of the

Would you go on a date at 3am?

07Sep 2011

Picture the scene; it’s 3am at St George’s hospital in Tooting, South London. Jane, a 28-year-old nurse on

Billy and Boris punish Famous Features Jo

18May 2011

Tighten your money belt as well as the belt round your waist! I’ve just returned to the Famous Features

Relationship Stories: Yours and Ours!

30Nov 2009

The latest blog from Famous Features journalist, Alex McGowan. Alex talks about relationships, how to sell a story and the Famous Features office.

Story Requests: 19/11/2009

19Nov 2009

Latest Story / Article Requests from the National Press. If you would like to Sell Your Story to a Magazine or Newspaper, send your details to www.FamousFeatures.co.uk. We will consider any story, but we are currently looking for these stories in particular.

Latest Story Requests: 17/11/2009

17Nov 2009

Latest Story Requests from National Magazines and Newspapers. Sell your story.

Story Request 22/10/09

22Oct 2009

The daily ‘sell your story’ to the national media update. Lists story and case study requests from the national media.

Sell a Story Today 21/10/09

21Oct 2009

FamousFeatures Daily Story Bulletin. Find out which stories the National Magazines and Newspapers are looking for right now.

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