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21 Oct2009
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We are looking for the following story right now.  If you or someone you know fits this profile, get in touch and Sell Your Story today. 


Case Study Wanted: Women who became ill and were left by their husbands/partners.

Media Outlet: National Newspaper – Magazine Supplement.

More info: Following a recent report on the numbers of relationships that break down because of serious illness, we are interested in speaking with women whose husbands/partners left them after they (the women) became ill. Perhaps the illness put too much strain on the relationship, perhaps he did not wish to assume the role of carer, whatever the reason we are interested in hearing from them .We appreciate this is a very sensitive subject and it would be treated as such. We are also able to offer a generous fee to suitable case studies. Please contact FamousFeatures for more details.

 Special criteria? : Female. Aged 20-45 approx


Case Study Wanted: Single women who have given up on finding Mr Right and used sperm donation to become mothers.

Media Outlet: National Newspaper – Magazine Supplement.

More info: Women must be prepared to be identified and photographed.

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