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Story Requests: 3/12/09. Get Paid to Feature in these Articles.

03Dec 2009

See the latest story requests from national media. Get paid to feature in any of these magazine and newspaper articles. Visit: www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to let us know if you fit the profile, or tell us about a different story that you would like to get published for cash.

Industry News

23Nov 2009

An insight into the world of Famous Features and real-life journalism. We post regular blogs to keep you up to date with what is going on in the office, the media, and the world of selling real-life stories to Magazines and Newspapers.

Stories Wanted – 10/11/2009

10Nov 2009

See all the stories that are wanted by UK National Magazines & Newspapers (UPDATED DAILY).

Stories Wanted – 3/11/2009

03Nov 2009

We are looking for the following stories to publish in national magazines and newspapers. If you would like to sell your story, fill out our online form at: www.FamousFeatures.co.uk

Story Request 22/10/09

22Oct 2009

The daily ‘sell your story’ to the national media update. Lists story and case study requests from the national media.

Latest Story Requests 19/10/09

19Oct 2009

Latest magazine and newspaper story requests. Updated daily.

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