Would you go on a date at 3am?

07 Sep2011
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Picture the scene; it’s 3am at St George’s hospital in Tooting, South London. Jane, a 28-year-old nurse on the children’s ward has just finished her shift.

But this time, rather than heading home for the night for a lonely supper before she goes to bed – tonight she’s doing what any other normal 28-year-old might do after work – she’s heading out on a date with Patrick, 32 – a fireman in Islington, North London.

Both of these attractive singles have been taking the lonely route home for too long, as their work life and regular night shifts have affected not just their social life, but also their love life.

Until they found Uniform Dating… Where a first date in an all night diner in Smithfield, London doesn’t seem a ridiculous idea to the couple. Or for that matter, any other Police Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers, Military Singles, Nurses, Doctors, Pilots and Air Crew that suffer the silly hours that often puts a prospective suitor off.

Jane says: ‘I’ve been single for three years, the whole time in fact that I’ve been working as a qualified nurse. After meeting someone through a regular dating agency who I actually really liked – but he’s finish work at 6pm, want to meet for drinks at 7.30pm with his friends from work – and then hook up with me at 8pm.

But that’s the time I started work. And even times when I tried to meet him, and start my shift an hour later – things were too rushed. He’d moan at me that I didn’t make any effort to be with him. He just didn’t understand what it was like working shifts at all, and we finished.

I realized then the only way I was going to meet someone else was if I met another doctor or nurse. But seeing as the hospital is hardly a place to flirt and socialize, that proved impossible too and I’ve been stumped for dates even since.

That was until a friend told me about Uniform Dating. I realized that I can’t have been the only single girl who works shifts that can’t get a fella, because the website seemed tailor-made for a nurse like me. Now I can finish my shift and rather than go home to a meal for one, stifled that I cant even ring a friend for a chat – I can go out for a meal or a coffee with someone who works the same shifts as me. It’s what I have always been waiting for!’

Whether you are looking for a man who works in a uniform and for people who fancy dating a policeman, dating a nurse, dating a fireman or trying military dating. Uniform Dating is the UK’s FREE to join dating service where lots of women and men in uniform desperately want to meet someone like them.

Then there are women like Lisa, 34. Lisa is a mum-of-two from Theale in Berkshire. She’s looking for love, but after realizing she doesn’t fancy most blokes in bars when she goes out for the night with friends, she wants to cut to the chase and find someone she knows will set her sizzling – a fireman!

Lisa says, ‘I’ve been single for about a year and whilst I’ve been set up by my mates on a few days and met a few guys in bars, I find it hard to meet anyone with that extra something. Most guys leave me bored to tears with that naff chat about their boring jobs. ‘

‘When my friends quizzed me about why I’m so picky, I realized what the problem was. What I’m really attracted to is a man in uniform, especially firefighters. So when I came across Uniform Dating via another website and I saw that I didn’t have to be a uniformed-worker to join, I jumped at the chance to meet a brave, muscly fireman.

Now I’m dating John from Reading, a fireman who has nothing but exciting stories to tell me on every date. I hang onto his every word and the uniform sets my pulse racing every time I see him!

I’m thrilled to have found the site and that it was so easy to find just who I was looking for. Every time I hear I time a siren, I get butterflies in my tummy. I’m one very happy girl.’

So visit www.uniformdating .com now to sign up today. And when you’ve got a success story of your own, make sure you tell Famous Features all about it!

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