Bah Humbug! How you can make CASH this Credit-Crunch Christmas

24 Nov2011
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Have you checked your bank balance this morning, and felt your stomach lurch in fear?

The familiar Christmas tunes have started up in the shops, the Advent calendars and Christmas decorations are filling up the supermarket – but all share the same problem… Who in the UK really has any spare cash this Christmas just to cover the basics.

We know that times are tough and everyone is feeling the pinch this Christmas.

However, don’t despair – there’s an easy way to make cash from home to cover your Christmas costs… and it’s all on offer through your no. 1 online press agency. That’s US of course! are offering three ways of making some quick, extra dosh in the next few weeks:

1) We’ll pay you to appear in a magazine or newspaper.
2) Refer a friend who has a true story that would be suitable for publication in a magazine and earn £50.
3) Add us as a friend on Facebook and win £100 (look for FamousFeatures PressAgency).

Here’s all you need to know:

1) Get Paid to Appear in a Magazine or Paper
We will consider all story ideas, and interesting photos.

They must be true, and they must be suitable for a magazine article or a newspaper feature. Send us your story idea via the FamousFeatures website (

We will get straight back to you if we can use your idea and will let you know how much your story is likely to be worth. If you’re happy to proceed we can then auction your story to the highest bidding publication, so you’re guaranteed the most money for your story.

Please note that we receive a high volume of stories, so we can only respond to stories that would be suitable for our publications.

We do read and seriously consider all story ideas, but here’s a sample of specific stories that we’re after right now:

A married couple with a reasonably big age gap (10+ years), ideally under 40 but it’s not the end of the world if he’s a bit older.
A woman whose bloke makes hardly effort with his appearance, and he’d like him to get togged up like Joey Essex! So a bit of a metros£xual make-over.
A woman whose bloke was convicted of paedophilia.
Love Rat victims.
Cougars who dated younger men and it did or didn’t work out.
Surgery gone wrong.
Young women whose male partner/brother/dad suffers from an eating disorder.
A woman whose bloke cheated on her…with a member of his family.
A woman who is addicted to plastic surgery.
Shocking or sensational stories.
Reunited stories – love or family reunions against the odds.
Freaky or bizarre stories – unusual thinks that will shock or intrigue.
Animal stories – cute, funny or strange.
Valentines day stories – romantic ones, or heartbreak stories.
Weight loss stories – have you battled against the odds to change your life?
Holiday stories. Holiday disaster, holiday romance, or funny holiday stories.
Unusual feti$h or disorders – anything that will shock our readers!
Incredible, shocking or unique relationship stories wanted.
A true story to make your hair stand on end! Anything out of the ordinary. The person telling the story really has to believe they really did encounter the thing they’re talking about.
Former female criminals who are now successful businesswomen.

2) Refer a Friend
We give everyone £50 who refers a friend with a story that could be used for one of our magazine articles.

In some cases, if the story is a major exclusive, we are able to organise an even larger tip-off fee with the publication.

Some people even make a living from finding true-life stories for us. There is one hairdresser who works with us, and makes more from recommending us to clients than she does cutting hair! Get in touch via the Famous Features website to find out how you could become one of our top tipsters, and work with us daily.

3) Facebook Friend Competition
We’re giving away £100 this week. All you need to do is find us on Facebook (search for ‘FamousFeatures PressAgency’) and we’ll give one of our new friends £100. The draw will be made at random on 7th December 2011.

I hope you find this blog entry useful. If you want to sell your story, but don’t know where to start – please drop a Famous Features reporter a line on 0845 83 88 555 and one of us will happily help you get your story into print.

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