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Two Relationship Case Studies About Sex Lives

05Feb 2016

* A couple who have been together for a long time (min 10 years) who have revived their

I let women sleep with my husband

09Sep 2015

The couple from Leicester married 2 years ago, after meeting in 2012. He was her window cleaner, they

Thumbs up!

08May 2015

Rafe, 44, thought he’d never have sex again after falling off a roof and damaging his spine. But then he discovered his surrogate penis

We might be decades apart but we're in love

16Jun 2011

As a third of under 30s say they'd be happy dating someone twice their age, we speak to three generation gap couples to find out how they make it all work

Sex Boosters – What rocks and what flops?

15Jun 2011

If your sex life has gone off the boil there are countless pills and products out there that claim they'll get you going again. We asked 10 couples to find out if they really work…

Looking like Britney has RUINED my sex life

18Mar 2011

Kim, 26 has not had sex in TEN YEARS. Not because she looks like the back end of a bus, but because she looks like Britney Spears!

Hubby's Half The Man….

11Oct 2010

…But twice the man in bed!

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