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Magazine Stories Wanted Today: 13/07/2010. Sell My Story.

13Jul 2010

Sell a Story to the press. The Following Stories are Urgently Needed. We will pay you to appear in a magazine or newspaper story. Read our regular story request blog and visit www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to tell us if you would like to get paid to be in any of these real life stories or features. Send us your details by filling in our online form (located at www.FamousFeatures.co.uk ). Also – please get in touch if you have any other stories that you would like us to consider. We are looking for new story ideas every day. Your real life experiences and true stories could earn you cash; sell a story today.

These stories wanted. Earn Cash Today. 15/01/2010

15Jan 2010

Would you like to feature in a magazine article and earn cash today? Get paid to appear in any of these magazine & newspaper articles (see requests below), or send us your own story ideas. Sell a story today.

Easy Cash in the New Year: Story Requests 5/1/2010

05Jan 2010

Earn easy cash in the New Year. We are looking for the following people to appear in newspaper and magazine articles. Simply read the requests below and then visit: www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to send us your details or sell another story to the press.

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