Sell a Love Rat Story… for Cash!

Have you ever wondered if you can sell a Love Rat story and how much you could be paid for it?

  •  Expose a love rat
  • Warn others about a serial cheat, con artist or confidence fraudster
  • Get your own back or simply set the record straight

Have you been the victim of a love rat, serial cheat or conman? If the answer is yes, and you’ve been thinking about sharing your story with a magazine or newspaper you’ll find all the information you need on this page.


Why should I sell a Love Rat Story?

sell-a-love-rat-storyYou may wonder why women’s magazines seem to print love-rat and conmen stories so often? The truth is that thousands of women fall victim to these people every year, but very few people actually come forward to share their stories, meaning that there is high demand for these stories.

Many people are too embarrassed to talk about what happened to them.  They can’t believe they were taken in or they are too upset to speak about what happened.

We know from experience that even the smartest people can be taken for a ride when it comes to falling in love.  Anyone who has been cheated on or deceived will know that it can be one of the most painful experiences in life, like a knife to the heart. The secrets, and lies, sometimes over many years can make life as you knew it feel worthless, and not worth living.

Lots of readers can relate to what you’ve been through and you would be amazed how many of these stories have resulted in more victims of the same love rats coming forward.  However, because love-rat and conmen stories are so rare, the sell for a premium so you’ll be well paid for sharing your story.


Help others who have been through something similar

My Henry Hoover proved my fella was doing the dirty

My Henry Hoover proved my fella was doing the dirty

What happens if you want to show the world the truth?

Do you want to set the record straight? Or do you worry that they’ll strike again and don’t want other people to go through what you have?

Maybe you simply wanted to expose a liar for what they are, or embarrass them so that they can feel some of the humiliation that you have?

Often there isn’t much you can do but slowly pick up the pieces and try to forget; but can you ever get your own back? Yes you can, and this is how…

Our nationally-acclaimed press agency, used by the biggest publications in the media world, has helped hundreds of people tell their story.   You get even AND get you paid for it.

As we’ve mentioned already, you’d be amazed how many people come forward about the same love rat once the story has been in print.  Although it can be hard to believe, many of these creeps have taken in scores of other people.

One particular love rat (who the victim met online) was not only married to someone else, it turned out he was a bigamist… he had married two women, and had children with both of them! Neither of the wives had any idea he was leading a double (or triple) life.


What could be better than getting your own back and treating yourself with the money you make?

  • We’ve exposed con artists who cheat honest, loving partners out of their life-savings.
  • We’ve warned thousands of people about serial adulterers who don’t just draw in the vulnerable and naïve, but also intelligent people who were just looking for love.
  • We’ve named and shamed hundreds of domestic abusers and saved many women from the same fate.


So now is your time to shine. Don’t get mad – get money! Here is how to Sell a Love Rat Story to the Press Today…

Simply tell us a little bit about your story using the story valuation form on this page.  I'm a cheating man's worst nightmareAt this stage we don’t need the whole story; you only need to tell us the main points of what happened (eg. I was the victim of a love rat who I met online.  We got married and I then found out he was already married to someone else).

Nothing will be used without your permission and what you tell us is for valuation purposes only.  Make sure you leave your contact details so that one of our writers can get back to you.

Once we’ve given you an estimate of what we think your story could fetch, if you’re happy to go ahead we will auction it to the highest paying magazines in our daily story auction.


What next?

Tracy - with loverat Bulent (4)After your story has appeared exclusively in the highest paying publication, we will collect payment for you. We can then place it in multiple other publications (if that’s what you want to do).  We’ll make sure you get paid by everyone who prints your story, and we’ll maintain control so that your story is told your way.  Nothing will happen without your say-so.

Some people even ask to go on shows like This Morning, Loose Women and Good Morning Britain.  We work with all of them and can arrange this if it’s something you’d like to do.


What you need

If you are thinking about selling a love rat story, please ensure you keep any supporting photos, documents, texts, emails and letters.  We need these to prove what has happened.  Without some kind of proof we are unable to print anything.  So, whatever you do, don’t have a love letter bonfire – keep all of it as evidence.


See some other stories from our recent clients…

My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

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