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First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press

10Jul 2012

Sell My Story: First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press. The very first step is deciding which story you are going to sell. I have found that nearly everyone has experienced something press-worthy in their lives – whether they recognise it or not. You may know exactly what story you want to sell, but for the majority of you that don’t, then read on ….I guarantee that you do.

Sell My Story

17Apr 2012

Sell My Real Life Story and Earn Cash Hello - we're going to post a series of blogs that

People Needed for these Paid Stories: 23/11/2010

23Nov 2010

National Newspapers and Magazines are looking for the following stories in particular. Can you help?
If not, you can sell any real life story at www.FamousFeatures.co.uk

Shared Birthday

30Sep 2010

Chloe Nightingale shares a birthday with her mum and her daughter

WHO WOULD BE A WOMAN? Alex McGowan Blog 2/6/2010

02Jun 2010

Alex McGowan talks about the trials and tribulations of being a woman.

Story Requests (15/12/09): Earn Cash Today.

15Dec 2009

Here are the latest PAID stories that we are looking for right now. If you, or anyone you know, fits the story profile, get in touch and earn cash today. Visit www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to register your details.

Story Request: 7/12/09

07Dec 2009

Today’s story requests from national media. Get paid to feature in any of these magazine & newspaper articles. Sell a story to the press.

Paid Press Requests: 26/11/2009

26Nov 2009

Today’s latest story request from the national press. Sell a story to a magazine or newspaper.

Story Requests: 25/11/2009

25Nov 2009

Sell a story to the press. We are looking for these stories right now. You will get paid for appearing in any of the magazine articles listed. We will consider any story.

Stories Wanted: 23/11/2009

23Nov 2009

Today’s Story Requests from the National Press. Sell a story to a Magazine or Newspaper and Earn Cash Today.

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