Make mine a LARGE… tap water and edamame beans.

02 Jan2012
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You can actually hear the brains cranking into gear in this office today; after a luxuriously long Christmas break, the team are back – fired up for 2012.

Of course we’re struggling to get ourselves out of Christmas mode, but even the Quality Street tin is being neglected this morning after too much Christmas excess. It must be time to come back to work.

Poor reporter Patrick only got out of bed for a few hours on Christmas Day after a nasty bout of Glandular Fever which he’s thankfully shaken off to get back to the office today. I bought Wendy, Cher and Jenny all some Christmas knickers so I hope they all got a festive airing over the break. Don’t all bosses buy their female employees knickers for Christmas?

My own Christmas was fairly laid back; however the dog and I both need to go on a diet. Yes, that old New Year chestnut.

We’ve all noticed the increasing weight-loss adverts on television and in newspapers that have no intention of letting us forget out Christmas gluttony, and already we are hearing some amazing stories about women who have lost as much as 20 stone in 12 months by setting their heart on a goal.

So as a fresh start to our New Year, we’re asking you to send us yours and you friends’ weight-loss successes.

Have you lost a lot of weight for a specific reason or after a dramatic event? Maybe a picture of yourself spurred you into action?

Either way, we are desperate to hear your success stories, and all your other real-life stories too – so time to top-up your bank balance and make cash by selling your stories.

Call us today on 0845 83 88 555 or visit and leave us your details. Someone will get back to you TODAY to start working on your story.

Off to enjoy my lunch of a lettuce leaf and a tic-tac now… but it’s nearly Easter, right?

By Sally Windsor, Famous Features Director/Editor

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