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We sent our kids to fat camp

07Aug 2011

Have you ever looked at your child and worried about their weight? Here, three mums tell Take A Break why they took drastic action

Weight loss left me with rolls of skin

28Jul 2011

Chris Gibbo was eating himself to death. He shed 27 stone – but now his body is covered in excess skin!

I decided I wanted to become a boy when I was 16

15Jul 2011

EXCLUSIVE Nicola Cooper faced more challenges than most when she realised she was a boy trapped in a girl;s body. Now living as Jason, he is finally happy

I pass off hangovers as morning sickness after boozing all night

12Jul 2011

mum-to-be Holly Piggott, 19, is scared she'll lose mates if she stops boozing, despite knowing the harm it could cause her unborn baby

Stories Needed 17/9/2010: Earn Cash Today

17Sep 2010

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Stories Wanted for Cash – 21st July 2010

21Jul 2010

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Stories Uregently Needed: 3/4/2010

02Apr 2010

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