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Would you like to sell a story to Chat Magazine and other magazines?

If you’re looking to sell your story to Chat magazine you’re in the right place. FamousFeatures work closely with Chat Magazine to supply stories and features that help make the magazine astonishing, amazing and jaw-dropping.

Fill-out-this-form-to-find-out-how-much-your-story-is-worthNot only do we supply stories to Chat Magazine, but we also work with their sister magazine Pick Me Up! and every other top selling women’s magazine (such as Closer, That’s Life, Take a Break, Real People, and so on).

Chat magazine is one of the biggest selling women weeklies and they’re brilliant and printing your stories quickly and paying you on time. Chat are usually on the lookout for eye-catching real-life stories about everyday people, quirky animal stories, anything a bit bonkers, crime stories and anything else weird and wonderful. Chat Magazine don’t feature celeb stories and are purely ‘real life’ or ‘true life’ stories.


Here’s how to sell a story to Chat Magazine

chat_logoIf you’d like to appear in Chat Magazine or Pick Me Up! Magazine, simply complete the story submission form on this page. Once we receive your story, one of our trained and friendly writers will contact you straight away to let you know if your story is suitable for us and how much it is likely to be worth.

pick-me-upWe may ask you for pictures and documents if the story involves someone else too. If your story is a crime story, we will call the courts and check all the charges and convictions to ensure your story is 100% accurate (we adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation code of conduct).

Once everything is in place, we may send a photographer to you to get some lovely snaps. Most clients tell us they really enjoy the photoshoot (even if they weren’t looking forward to it). All of our photographers are friendly and professional and will capture you in your best light.

We’ll do an interview with you over the phone (or in person if you prefer) and will read the story back to you after we’ve written it in the style set out by Chat Magazine. Sometimes Chat prefer to write the story themselves, so you may receive a call directly from Chat Magazine in some cases.

After your story appears in Chat magazine we can resell it to other magazines and newspapers if you’d like to earn more money from your story. We can even put your story on a daytime TV show such as Lorraine, Good Morning Britain and This Morning if you’d like to do that (but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to).

Our service is completely free. You’ll keep 100% of the fee that we negotiate for you. FamousFeatures are paid by Chat Magazine for supplying and writing the stories we provide.


Your payment

Women’s magazines are notorious for taking months to pay, so our job isn’t finished once your story appears in the magazine. We’ll make sure you get paid as quickly as possible. After all, most people’s main motivation when selling a story is to earn cash from it.


Why Chat Magazine?

If you would like to sell a story to Chat Magazine, you’ve picked a great mag to work with. The staff at Chat Magazine are extremely friendly and the magazine itself has fun, jaw-dropping and incredible stories. In addition, Chat Magazine is one of the best publications for raising awareness about issues and causes such as domestic violence, crimes, and fraudsters, love rats and cheats.

To read more about how the general story selling process works, see our homepage – Sell a Story


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