I have smoked with my daughter since she was 11, even though family members have died from smoking

19 May2015
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Maria, 28 has been sharing fags with her daughter since she was 11…

Maria has smoked since she was very young, and when she discovered her daughter, Sam, smoking at 11 she wasn’t annoyed at all, she had someone new to smoke with.

Maria, who is on benefits, started to share cigs with her young daughter. The family went on holiday to Turkey a year or so later and bought a huge haul of fags and daughter Sam began to smoke up to 20 cigs a day.

Her mother didn’t raise an eyebrow until the duty free cigs ran out. Then Sam was asking to borrow them all the time.

Now aged 15 and working in Burger King, Sam can afford her own cigs and her mum now spends all day sponging them off her young daughter, they smoke up to 40 B & H a day. “If I smoke my daughter’s then I am saving her from cancer” Maria says.

Maria’s partner, Dan,33, also smokes and sees nothing wrong with it and doesn’t try and persuade Sam to stop.

Sam has already been smoking non-stop since she was 11 and is aware that it could kill he at an early age, but she has no plans to give up anytime soon.

Even though two close family members have died from smoke related illnesses she still continues  to smoke and isn’t worried about her daughter’s health, she likes the fact she smokes as she can get free cigs from her

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