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30 Nov2009
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The office of Famous Features is always full of joy and laughter, as we write and sell your amazing stories to the national press – That’s Life, Take a Break, Bella, Best, Chat and many more.

But sometimes there’s sadness, too. At the moment, there’s a few broken hearts knocking around. There must be something in the air, because it seems everyone is going through a tough time at the moment, relationship-wise.

In my case, I recently became involved in a classic ‘Autumn Taboo’ relationship.

You know the kind. Nights are drawing in, the smell of frost is in the air, and you’re home alone, freezing, with nothing but a Pot Noodle and grated cheese to keep you warm.

So, because you’re a bit lonely, you start hankering after things you  shouldn’t. Like chocolate, red wine, oh – and your next-door neighbour.

A lovely guy, good-looking and funny. But with a major flaw: I soon found out that he was taking drugs and didn’t have enough money to pay his rent, let alone take me out for dinner.

In my head, I could see my friends standing there by the side of the road waving a big red sign that read ‘NO! THIS GUY IS A DISASTER!’

But there was something I really liked, even loved about him all the same.  And despite begging him to mend his ways, he wasn’t able to see his own problem for what it was; a serious addiction. He’s the only person that can help himself, but it doesn’t make it any easier having to see him every day.

By Christmas, you’re drunkenly toasting under the mistletoe that you can and will do better for yourself.

By summer, you’ve lost a stone, fake tanned, toned and glammed up. He wants you back, you wouldn’t look twice at him.

But as the nights grow colder, we don’t blame you for searching for a bit of comfort.

Whether it’s that guy you meet in the chatroom who promises to take care of you, or the man you thought you were going to marry who you then see kissing that skinny-girl-from-accounts-you-HATE at the Christmas party – somehow, things that are bad for you seem so good at this time of year!

Same with food. Do you really need to start your day with a box of buttered brazil nuts? No. But it’s cold, and this time of year can give you the blues. So you do what you have to do.

In this office, we are always professional, and try our very best to leave whatever heartbreak we’re going through at the door.

But still, when we hear about and sell your stories of personal heartbreak at the hands of cheating-love rats, liars and Facebook fraudsters, we can’t help but sympathise when you tell us ‘He seemed like the perfect guy,’ or ‘I really did think this guy was the man for me.’  We know exactly how you feel!

Ladies, we offer you this advice. It’s worked wonders for us.

Allow yourself to be sad. Stay in bed, cry, eat icecream straight out of the box. Skimping on personal hygiene optional.

Get angry. How dare he treat you that way? This anger will motivate you to the next step…

Get even. Your sole aim in life is now to make him eternally regret dumping you. So you join the gym, tone up and buy a fabulous new wardrobe, (or a hot-pink Mulberry Macbook sleeve to ‘cheer you up’ if  you’re our editor, Sally Windsor).

You go out with friends who wipe your tears and spoon Cosmopolitans into your mouth. And eventually, you will meet your Prince.

We hear so many brilliant internet dating stories of people that fall in love online, and the dream continues into real-life. We always love it when they live happily every after. Look at Suzzee Langton and her husband Robert whose story we wrote for Real People magazine.  Robert proposed to Suzzee from across the pond – yet they’d never even met!

Then there’s the lovely Hannah Isaacson who after meeting her hubby Chris online, (having sworn she would NEVER try internet dating!) put together her whole wedding via things off email – and got them all for a bargain! 

This story appeared in the People newspaper and has since been picked up by TV channels across the world. You can read that story here:

What better way to kickstart the rejuvenating process of getting over someone than by emailing our website so we can sell your stories of betrayal, heartbreak, and revenge (our favourite ones!), to share them with other readers?

Dig out those stories, ladies. A problem shared is a problem halved.  And when we sell your story, you’re guaranteed to warn other ladies away from the bad’uns!

We look forward to hearing from you…

Alex – Famous Features

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