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15 Sep2016
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September Media Requests.

We have some brand new story requests this month and we pay generously to anyone willing to share their story with a magazine.

If you can help with any of these stories, or you have any other story that would be suitable for a women’s magazine or newspaper feature, please submit your interest using the story valuation form on this page.

1. Victims of love rats, cheats and scoundrels!
2. Near death experiences / out of body experiences stories (with hospital pics if possible).
3. Amusing Hen Do stories – anything funny that occurred on a hen night.
4. Woman who didn’t have her mum at her wedding because of an argument.
5. 60 year olds or older who have an active or adventurous love life.
6. Woman who forgave man for cheating.
7. I spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery.
8. Great weight loss stories.
9. Women who have had unusual cosmetic surgery. Get in touch if you’ve had an unusual procedure.
10. Honeymoon disaster stories.
11. I cheated on my partner and I want to apologise publicly.
12. I was a victim of a serious crime and the perpetrator has been convicted.
13. My partner prefers social media to making love.
14. Whacky Pokemon Go stories.
15. My kid is obese – we’re looking for stories related to child obesity. Perhaps you blame yourself, or it’s in your genes?
16. I would do anything to make my child famous.
17. I was the victim of on-line trolling.
18. I was an on-line troll, but now I’ve changed my ways.
19. I wish I had never lost weight (maybe you’ve been left with excess skin, or you’ve lost your mojo? We want to hear your story).
20. Women who have slept with over 100 men.
21. Women who have contracted an STI.
22. Heart warming stories with a happy ending.

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