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Please note that due to the volume of stories we receive, we cannot always respond if your story is not suitable. If we have not contacted you within 14 days then unfortunately your story is not one that we can use at the present time.  However, we will contact you about future press opportunities that may be relevant to you through our story alert email (please note that you can opt out at any time and we never share your details with third parties).

Remember, even if we can’t use your story, we still pay £50 if you refer anyone else’s that is suitable for publication.

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Please let us know if you can assist with any of these media requests from the national magazines and newspapers.  We’ll pay generously if you can help with any of these stories…

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Get paid to appear in a magazine; JULY Story Requests

We are desperate to find more stories to fill the mags and papers, so now is the best time for YOU to share your story and GET PAID. We'll consider any story, but if you can help with any of these specific requests please contact us by using the 'Story Valuation' form.…read more →

WANTED: Get Paid if you can help with any of these story requests

We are urgently trying to fill the real-life sections of the magazines and newspapers. We desperately need stories, photos and videos that would make interesting news and magazine features for the human-interest sections. We will consider any story, but if you can help with any of these please contact us using the 'Story Valuation' form on this page.…read more →



Take a look at this small selection of our recent client stories…

My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

Joy has turned to heartbreak for a gran reunited with her long-lost sister, who then ran off with her love-rat husband of 45 years. Mum-of-four Gill Flockhart, 61, was elated when she saw sister Helen, 59, for the first time since 1971. Helen's arrival from Australia for a tearful reunion was supposed to bring the family together but, instead, it has torn it even further apart. Gill's husband Carson, 66, and her sister started a sordid fling which grew into a full-blown more →
Transexual stories

Transexual stories

Whilst some cultures accept transgender people as a completely normal part of society (with terms like the 'third' sex or 'Fa'afafines'), we have a long way to go in the Western more →
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