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18 May2011
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Tighten your money belt as well as the belt round your waist!

I’ve just returned to the Famous Features office after a week at Boot Camp Training Live – and boy am I on cloud 9!

Ex-soldiers Billy and Boris put me and a group of ladies through our paces on the week-long residential course in Weymouth.

We endured beach work-outs, boxing sessions, rock-climbing, pier circuits and stretcher-runs – to name but a few activities!

I expected to return a shattered wreck – but I’m actually full of energy and keen to keep the regime going – my husband and friends are not sure where the old Jo has gone!

The residential camp is just as tough as other boot camps on the market – but if you can sacrifice luxury manor house accommodation for sharing a holiday caravan with fellow boot campers, it will cost you just a fraction of the price.

The women-only camp offers the same level of programme and delivers fantastic results (I lost 5lbs and 6” off my hips), as well as the constant hilarious banter from cheeky Billy and Boris – who somehow managed to make working out extremely fun.

The guys also taught us all how to improvise with every-day objects like bricks, scaffold poles and playing cards to build effective work-outs into our routines once home without an expensive gym membership.

I’d recommend this boot camp to anyone looking for a kick-start back into fitness, or even someone who is already pretty fit but after some inspiration for their workouts.

And there’s no need to worry that you’ll be left behind because you’re not quite as fit as you might like – Billy and Boris tailor the work-outs to suit the varied levels of fitness in the groups.

We had all levels on our course, and no one was left trailing behind or feeling like they weren’t being worked hard enough.

The biggest thing I was worried about was the food – I love my food and the thought of going hungry terrified me!

But the meals were always delicious and filling – you’ll be left wondering how it was possible to eat so well and still lose weight!

And to be honest, you’ll be so shattered at the end of every 7am – 5pm day you won’t care where you lay your head – you’d be able to sleep on a park bench if you had to!

Check out the website at – there are lots of boot camps available, with different accommodation meaning the prices range from £400 for the budget option to £1,200 for luxury.

Jo with billy and Boris - end of week

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