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If you would like to sell a real life story to a magazine like Closer, Love It!, Reveal, Take a Break, Chat, Woman, Real People or That’s Life, you are in the right place. Simply fill out the form on the right, and we’ll let you know how much your story is worth. We’ll get you the maximum cash for your story because we auction it to all of the magazine editors. If you are happy with the price we quote, we can then go ahead and publish your story.

We supply stories to all of the national magazines and newspapers, not just Closer Magazine, so not only will you will have the choice, but because your story will go to the highest bidder, you are guaranteed the maximum money for your real life story.



To sell your story to magazines like Closer – follow our simple three step guide …it couldn’t be easier!


* Simply fill out the form on this page and click submit. Your story is safe with us. We can’t print any details of your story or pictures unless you give us the go ahead.
* One of our friendly team will get in touch to tell you how much your real life story is worth.
* If you’re happy, you give us the go-ahead, we’ll interview you, arrange photos, get your story printed, and pay you the cash.

If you don’t want to use our secure online form, call the Story Hotline instead on: 0845 838 8555

Our Service is completely free so what are you waiting for?



Around 80% of newspaper and magazine content is provided by agencies like ours.  Magazines and newspaper like Closer Magazine pay us to supply them with, and write, amazing true stories.

The fee they pay us for writing and supplying the story is separate to the fee we negotiate for you – you keep 100% of that.

Because we work on your behalf, we will ensure that you recieve the maximum fee for your story.  We can also sell your story to more than one publication (so you make more money), but this must be done in the correct order because some magazines will not follow others, and certain publications pay much less to print the story first.

Our team of experts will take care of everything for you, so all you need to think about is telling us your story, and which bank account you’d like your fee to be paid into.

You’ll find more information about how to sell a story to a magazine or newspaper here.



You can also subscribe to Closer Magazine right here. Click below to see today’s special deals. Subscriptions to great magazines make the perfect present too.


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Media Requests


Get paid to appear in a magazine; JULY Story Requests

We are desperate to find more stories to fill the mags and papers, so now is the best time for YOU to share your story and GET PAID. We'll consider any story, but if you can help with any of these specific requests please contact us by using the 'Story Valuation' form.…read more →

WANTED: Get Paid if you can help with any of these story requests

We are urgently trying to fill the real-life sections of the magazines and newspapers. We desperately need stories, photos and videos that would make interesting news and magazine features for the human-interest sections. We will consider any story, but if you can help with any of these please contact us using the 'Story Valuation' form on this page.…read more →
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