Magazine Story Requests – November

14 Nov2016
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We are desperate to find more stories to fill the real life sections of magazine and papers, so now is the best time for YOU to share your story and GET PAID.  We’ll consider any story, but if you can help with any of these specific requests please contact us by filling out the ‘Story Valuation’ form on this page:

  1. Victims of love rats, cheats and scoundrels!
  2. Your christmas stories – funny/happy/sad.
  3. I did something embarrassing at work Xmas party.
  4. I had/have a nightmare neighbour.
  5. I was addicted to drink or other substances.
  6. I am addicted to cosmetic surgery (has it made you look amazing or worse?  We want to hear from you).
  7. Great weight loss stories. Inspire others. Eight stone weight loss or more.
  8. Women who have been anorexic or suffered with other eating disorders.
  9. Women addicted to on-line gaming.
  10. Women who have suffered from domestic violence and got their partner sentenced.
  11. I have a sugar daddy!
  12. I’ve cheated on my partner but they have forgiven me
  13. I was a victim of rape or another serious crime.
  14. Plastic surgery gone wrong.
  15. Woman who is much older then their partner. Share your experiences of the benefits and challenges of having a younger partner.

We will pay generously for any of the stores above, or any other story that is suitable for one of the magazines that we supply.

For more information, see our Sell My Story to a Magazine or Newspaper page.

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