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What type of story are newspapers and magazines looking for…

 – Achieved something amazing?

 – Had an unusual or heartbreaking experience?

 – Triumphed over tragedy?


Everybody has a story to sell; what’s yours worth? Whether your story’s a tear jerker, totally terrifying, or guaranteed to raise a smile, we want to know about it. It’s not always easy to know exactly what we’re after so if in doubt fill in our ‘Sell My Story’ form on the right hand side of this page and we can tell you straight away.
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  • Love, lust and relationships: Unusual partners, divorce, affairs, betrayal, adultery, age-gap relationships, revenge, love triangle, lost love, dumped for your best mate? Fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t?
  • Life-changing, heartbreaking, stories: Helped a love one overcome a huge trauma or hurdle? Found your long lost family? Triumphed over a tragedy?
  • Health stories: Family health, survived a terrible illness, undergone a revolutionary or alternative treatment, found an unusual or miracle cure, relative stepped in to help you?
  • Plastic surgery: Amazing before and after pictures? Look 20 at 60? Have the biggest boobs in Britain, or perhaps you underwent surgery to look like your favorite star?
  • Weight loss and diet stories: Lost more than half your body weight, slimmed for someone special or a special event? curvy and happy, unusual work out routine or diet?
  • Pets and animal stories: Foul mouthed parrot, family dog saved your life, psychic cat….
  • Weddings: Wacky, weird and wonderful ceremonies, inspirational or unusual proposals, wed against all the odds.
  • Bizarre: Collect your own belly button fluff, found Jesus’ face in a cucumber?
  • Supernatural: Ghosts, witches, unexplainable coincidences, psychic powers and premonitions…
  • Holidays from hell: Illness abroad, disasters, holiday horrors.
  • Family: Maybe you’ve got 30 kids, you all share an unusual hobby, you’ve all faced illness or overcome adversity.
  • Crime: Been a victim of a horrible crime? Solved a crime yourself?
  • Mum & baby: Pregnancy stories, miracle babies, parental concerns, tiny tots and their adventures, tales of twins and multiple births, terrible teens.
  • Lifestyle: Unusual lifestyles, achievements, jobs, collections or hobbies.
  • Psychological issues: Grief and loss, drugs, alcohol, depression. recovery from addictions, obsessions and phobias, sleep disorders….
  • Kiss-and-tell: Slept with a star?


Whatever your story, send it to us today – no obligation – and we will let you know how much it is worth. Why not cash in right now.


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