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Became addicted to Laxatives because ‘I wasn’t good enough’ at anorexia

10Jul 2015

When Daisy was at school she was bullied for being overweight, it went on for years until she

Talk about a CRASH diet!

07May 2015

Lori, 45, was a 19-stone food addict eating herself to an early grave when a car crash changed everything

When the FAT lady sings

24Jul 2014

Laura Carter, 27 from Essex always wanted to be a singer from a very early age, she had the voice but she also had the weight, so would an offensive comment help change her life?…

I lost TWO times the size of my husband in weight

25Jun 2014

Huge Melanie Morgan, 36 weighed in at 33 and a half stone, she never thought she would find a man QUARTER of her size…

Make mine a LARGE… tap water and edamame beans.

02Jan 2012

You can actually hear the brains cranking into gear in this office today; after a luxuriously long Christmas

'You Won't Like Me When I'm Hungry' – I Went From The Hulk To A Honey!

18Oct 2011

After 34 years of failed diets, Karen's bulky frame resembled the Incredible Hulk. But after surgery she's shed nearly ten-stone and now looks more ‘honey' than Hulk….

Weight loss left me with rolls of skin

28Jul 2011

Chris Gibbo was eating himself to death. He shed 27 stone – but now his body is covered in excess skin!

Billy and Boris punish Famous Features Jo

18May 2011

Tighten your money belt as well as the belt round your waist! I’ve just returned to the Famous Features

Too fat to go to my dad's funeral

18Mar 2011

At 45st, I couldn't even get through the door to play with my kids

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