Story Requests: 19/11/2009

19 Nov2009
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Latest Story / Article Requests from the National Press.  If you would like to Sell Your Story to a Magazine or Newspaper, send your details to  We will consider any story, but we are currently looking for the following ones in particular….



Story / Case Study Wanted: Wild office Xmas party stories!

Media outlet: Sunday Newspaper.

Article Info: We’re looking for stories for a light-hearted piece about things that happen at Xmas office parties. Someone who slept with the boss and it went horribly wrong / got so drunk, did something wild and were the talk of the office the next day etc.


 Story / Case Study Wanted: Stories about children binge drinking at Christmas.

Media outlet: National Daily Newspaper.

Article Info: I\’m looking for two case studies for this feature. I need to find a mum whose child was hospitalised after binge drinking at Christmas (had alcohol poisoning / stomach pumped etc). Am also looking for a mum who lets her kids drink at Christmas as she thinks it will stop them from binge drinking outside the home. For both case studies, the children need to be young, ideally 11 and under.

Case Study Criteria: The mum needs to be aged around 20-40.


 Story / Case Study Wanted: Strong Christmas/New Year real life stories and news features.

Media outlet: Glossy Women’s Magazine.

Article Info: We are currently planning for Christmas and New Year issues and looking for strong real life stories and news features.

Case Study Criteria: NO criteria but mainly looking for first rights (i.e. story must not have appeared in the press before).

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