Story Request 22/10/09

22 Oct2009
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Today’s ‘Sell Your Story’ Request…..

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Story or Case Study Wanted: Do you have any funny, sexy or quirky Christmas stories that would hold a page? 

Story Info: We need to find a quirky story to fill a page in a National Magazine Christmas issue by the end of the day….

Media Outlet: National Magazine

Any suggestions very welcome!


Story or Case Study Wanted: Looking for a woman in 20s/30s who has had to have facial reconstruction surgery. 

Media Outlet: National Sunday Newspaper – Magazine Supplement.

More info: First person emotional piece about enduring facial reconstruction surgery

Special criteria? : A woman aged 20s/30s, who had surgery because of an accident – not born with a facial disfigurement. Must be able to provide pics of her face before surgery. Sorry, but can’t have appeared in a magazine or newspaper already.


Story or Case Study Request: A full time single dad in his twenties. 

Media Outlet: Glossy Magazine.

Case Study info: We are looking for a full time single dad who is in his twenties and has a daughter (he could have more than one child, but one of them needs to be a girl). We also need him to be a single dad because of a marriage or relationship breakdown as opposed to him being widowed.  It’s for a really positive piece about being a single father and we’d want to do a photo shoot with him and his child/children.

 Special criteria: In his twenties. Full time single dad due to a relationship breakdown.

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