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Our recent clients page contains a small selection of our latest stories that have appeared in the national press. You’ll also find on this website the latest tips for selling stories to the national press, as well as daily updates of stories, case studies and articles that the national media are looking for right now.

If you want to sell a story to a magazine or newspaper, or you are an aspiring writer,  or you would like to appear as a magazine or newspaper case study, you’re in the right place.  See the contact us page for various ways to get in touch.

FamousFeatures represents a handful of leading freelance journalists working within the real-life and news industry.  The journalists are nationally recognised contributors to all of the leading national newspapers and weekly human-interest magazines. We work alongside SWNS who are the largest independent press agency in the UK and supply up to 20% of all print news to the national media.


We sell stories to all of the following publications.  Sell your story to…


  • The Daily Mail Newspaper
  • The Mail on Sunday Newspaper
  • Femail Magazine
  • Closer Magazine
  • Love it! Magazine
  • The Sun Newspaper
  • The Sun on Sunday
  • Sunday Mirror Newspaper
  • The Metro
  • Reveal Magazine
  • The Daily Mirror Newspaper
  • Daily Express Newspaper
  • Sunday Express Newspaper
  • Fabulous Magazine
  • Real People Magazine
  • Take a Break Magazine
  • That’s Life Magazine
  • Chat Magazine
  • Pick Me Up Magazine
  • Bella Magazine
  • The People Newspaper
  • Woman’s Weekly
  • Woman’s Way
  • Woman’s Own
  • Best Magazine

…and many more.


How to sell your story to the press

You will get the best deal for selling your story from FamousFeatures – that is guaranteed.

We will sell your story directly to the editors of the national magazines and newspapers, in the right order, to ensure you maximise your income.  This is because some publications require total exclusivity, some will not follow certain publications, some are happy to buy ‘second rights’ or ‘third rights’, whilst some will pay to print your story after it has been used by almost everybody already.  We work with television companies if you would like to share your story on programmes such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain, and we sell stories to overseas magazines.

If you only wish to sell your story to one magazine or newspaper, we will auction it to the highest bidder.  Or, if you have a specific publication in mind, we can arrange that for you too.

Our service is completely free to you.  We are paid directly from the publication to source stories and write them in the specific set style of the magazine or newspaper.  You will also be paid directly from the newspaper or magazine upon publication, or in some cases you will be paid directly from our accounts department.

To read more about how to sell your story, read or Sell My Story page.


Recent stories from FamousFeatures

You can read more of our recent client stories here.  Or you can see a selection below:

  • Two cleaners blast £20million Manchester United ace Phil Jones as ‘skinflint’ after he sacks them right before Christmas in row over £300 bill
      Cleaners to Manchester United defender, Phil Jones’ cleaners, Angela and Nigel Stubbs are said to be taking him to an employment tribunal after he dismissed them from their jobs with six hours’ notice before Christmas. Manchester United defender, Jones reportedly sacked the married pair of cleaners over £300 petrol bill they incurred while helping […]
    Joe Mellor - March 22, 2017
  • Sleazy PC selling three-in-a-bed romps for £210 an hour after being signed off work for ‘stress’
      A COP on sick leave has been selling threesomes with his girlfriend for £210 an hour. PC Daniel Moss, 41, launched his sleazy sideline with Tracey Perryman, 38, while signed off with “stress”. PC Daniel Moss, 41, runs the business at a flat in Hastings with his girlfriend The Sussex cop runs the business […]
    Joe Mellor - March 22, 2017
  • My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband
    Joy has turned to heartbreak for a gran reunited with her long-lost sister, who then ran off with her love-rat husband of 45 years. Mum-of-four Gill Flockhart, 61, was elated when she saw sister Helen, 59, for the first time since 1971. Helen's arrival from Australia for a tearful reunion was supposed to bring the family together but, instead, it has torn it even further apart. Gill's husband Carson, 66, and her sister started a sordid fling which grew into a full-blown affair.
    Oliver - November 14, 2016
  • I quit my teaching job to play Pokemon
    POKEMON PRO Teacher quits her job to become Britain’s first full-time Pokemon Go player Sophia Pedraza, 26, plans to cash in on the craze by pounding the streets to collect virtual characters and then sell her accounts on eBay A TEACHER has quit her job to become Britain’s first full-time Pokemon Go player. Sophia Pedraza, […]
    Joe Mellor - July 25, 2016
  • I took my OAP boyfriend’s virginity
    Katie, from Exeter, was 26 when she met Marcus, now 76, who was 66 at the time. She was going through a hard time and was struggling by with little money and couldn’t pay her rent. Katie was finding every day harder than the last. Katie got chatting to Marcus at a bus stop and […]
    Joe Mellor - June 14, 2016
  • “Jackpot” gran has got the lotto out
    THE gran who falsely claimed a £33million Lotto jackpot borrowed a pal’s phone and left dirty snaps on it. Susanne Hinte, 48, was topless in selfies her friend thinks were for adult sites. She wears white leather boots and a matching belt but little else in one image. In another she has black boots and […]
    Joe Mellor - April 6, 2016
  • Find out how to sell a tip-off to a newspaper
    Sell a tip-off to a newspaper FamousFeatures will pay you for tip-offs and information as long as it can be backed up.  We guarantee to pay you the highest fees and our service is free to use.  Here’s our latest tip-off that resulted in the following news story this week: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/6981461/Labour-MP-Carolyn-Harris-probed-by-cops-for-yanking-aides-hair-after-discovering-she-was-lesbian.html Labour MP probed by […]
    Oliver - March 8, 2016
  • I grassed up my son for murder after watching Crimewatch
    Margaret Anderson, 53 was left with an awful decision, a moral judgement that could only end badly. “Are you Ok mum? My son Paul says, after I pick up the phone. “Yeh I’m not too bad, can’t complain.” I reply. “That’s good mum,” he replies. “I miss you son,” I say back. But I won’t […]
    Joe Mellor - February 19, 2016
  • Egyptian husband…was a love rat
    My Egyptian husband…was a love rat! Lucy Manley spent £10,000 bringing husband  Abdy Aly to the UK only for him to cruelly dump her on Valentine’s Day. As the rest of Britain celebrated the most romantic day of the year, Lucy Manley was counting down the hours until the day was over. For it’s the […]
    Joe Mellor - February 19, 2016
  • I was next on Jo Dennehy’s hit list
    A mum of one had a lucky escape, after police told her she was next on a list to be brutally murdered by a deranged female serial killer. Carla White, 40 from Peterbrough was shown a hit list of names who were going to be murdered, and three of the names had already been crossed […]
    Joe Mellor - February 19, 2016
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