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'You Won't Like Me When I'm Hungry' – I Went From The Hulk To A Honey!

18Oct 2011

After 34 years of failed diets, Karen's bulky frame resembled the Incredible Hulk. But after surgery she's shed nearly ten-stone and now looks more ‘honey' than Hulk….

I Waited 30 Years And Travelled 3,000 Miles To Wed My Childhood Sweetheart!

15Jun 2011

Lisa, 40, always thought of her first boyfriend Jim when she spotted red-heads. Thirty years after losing touch, Facebook reunited the couple and Jim decided he would marry Lisa after their first meeting…..

My 'fake baby' is helping me grieve…..

07Mar 2011

Lisa treats a doll like a real baby. So is it wrong if it makes her feel 'normal'?

My Baby Needs Constant Re-Plumbing…But He's A Little Fighter!

09Feb 2011

When Kirsty was given the option to take her baby home & watch him die at Christmas or risk a tricky op, the choice was simple…

Did my son die playing The Choking Game?

01Feb 2011

Joanne Mison was devastated when her teenage son Tyler died while experimenting with a frightening new teenage craze – the choking game. Now she's desperate to highlight the dangers of this sinister trend…

Your Sex Beast Daddy

01Feb 2011

I had a paedo's baby….and now I'm being forced to let him see our little girl!

My Baby Made Me Love My Body!

28Jan 2011

April, 20, battled Body Dysmorphic Disorder for years until her saviour arrived in an unexpected form….

Brotherly Love

28Jan 2011

Nicky, 32, was devastated when doctors revealed one of her twins had spina bifida. When Harry and Grace were born their big brother Thomas, 4, stepped in to help and now proudly looks after ‘his' twins and makes sure Grace never struggles.

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