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Superfit granny who eats 35,000 calories a day

29Oct 2011

Angela McNamara only took up bodybuilding to lose a bit of weight but now she's a world champion with an enormous appetite and muscles to match

From the moment I held her, I knew I hated my baby

12Oct 2011

EXCLUSIVE A shock report reveals 100,000 mums suffer postnatal depression but a third are too scared to seek help. Hannah Foster was one of them…

We sent our kids to fat camp

07Aug 2011

Have you ever looked at your child and worried about their weight? Here, three mums tell Take A Break why they took drastic action

Weight loss left me with rolls of skin

28Jul 2011

Chris Gibbo was eating himself to death. He shed 27 stone – but now his body is covered in excess skin!

I decided I wanted to become a boy when I was 16

15Jul 2011

EXCLUSIVE Nicola Cooper faced more challenges than most when she realised she was a boy trapped in a girl;s body. Now living as Jason, he is finally happy

I pass off hangovers as morning sickness after boozing all night

12Jul 2011

mum-to-be Holly Piggott, 19, is scared she'll lose mates if she stops boozing, despite knowing the harm it could cause her unborn baby

We might be decades apart but we're in love

16Jun 2011

As a third of under 30s say they'd be happy dating someone twice their age, we speak to three generation gap couples to find out how they make it all work

Sex Boosters – What rocks and what flops?

15Jun 2011

If your sex life has gone off the boil there are countless pills and products out there that claim they'll get you going again. We asked 10 couples to find out if they really work…

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