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Two cleaners blast £20million Manchester United ace Phil Jones as ‘skinflint’ after he sacks them right before Christmas in row over £300 bill

22Mar 2017

  Cleaners to Manchester United defender, Phil Jones’ cleaners, Angela and Nigel Stubbs are said to be taking him

Sleazy PC selling three-in-a-bed romps for £210 an hour after being signed off work for ‘stress’

22Mar 2017

  A COP on sick leave has been selling threesomes with his girlfriend for £210 an hour. PC Daniel Moss,

My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

14Nov 2016

Joy has turned to heartbreak for a gran reunited with her long-lost sister, who then ran off with her love-rat husband of 45 years. Mum-of-four Gill Flockhart, 61, was elated when she saw sister Helen, 59, for the first time since 1971. Helen’s arrival from Australia for a tearful reunion was supposed to bring the family together but, instead, it has torn it even further apart. Gill’s husband Carson, 66, and her sister started a sordid fling which grew into a full-blown affair.

I quit my teaching job to play Pokemon

25Jul 2016

POKEMON PRO Teacher quits her job to become Britain’s first full-time Pokemon Go player Sophia Pedraza, 26, plans to

I took my OAP boyfriend’s virginity

14Jun 2016

Katie, from Exeter, was 26 when she met Marcus, now 76, who was 66 at the time. She was

“Jackpot” gran has got the lotto out

06Apr 2016

THE gran who falsely claimed a £33million Lotto jackpot borrowed a pal’s phone and left dirty snaps on

Find out how to sell a tip-off to a newspaper

08Mar 2016

Sell a tip-off to a newspaper FamousFeatures will pay you for tip-offs and information as

I grassed up my son for murder after watching Crimewatch

19Feb 2016

Margaret Anderson, 53 was left with an awful decision, a moral judgement that could only end badly. “Are you

Egyptian husband…was a love rat

19Feb 2016

As the rest of Britain celebrated the most romantic day of the year, Lucy Manley was counting down

I was next on Jo Dennehy’s hit list

19Feb 2016

A mum of one had a lucky escape, after police told her she was next on a list

Woman Axed From Beauty Contest Because She Was Born Male

06Jan 2016

A woman was axed from the final of a top national beauty contest after officials discovered she was

Transexual stories

05Jan 2016

Whilst some cultures accept transgender people as a completely normal part of society (with terms like the ‘third’ sex or ‘Fa’afafines’), we have a long way to go in the Western world.

I spent 16 years with a paedo monster

04Jan 2016

WHEN Joanne Perry received a phone call from the police she assumed there had been a mistake. She was

I met my lover getting a new liver

10Dec 2015

Shelley was surprised when she went into hospital for a new liver and came out with a lover, too. Now Shelley and partner Wayne have got married and even spent their honeymoon competing at the British Transplant Games

Mum abandoned me … for a paedophile

10Dec 2015

Alison was just three when her mum ran off with her dad’s best friend. But it took another 26 years, once the couple had been tracked down and arrested, before Alison discovered the horrifying full story

Amazing wedding story

09Nov 2015

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