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First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press

10Jul 2012

Sell My Story: First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press. The very first step is deciding which story you are going to sell. I have found that nearly everyone has experienced something press-worthy in their lives – whether they recognise it or not. You may know exactly what story you want to sell, but for the majority of you that don’t, then read on ….I guarantee that you do.

Monster Paws

09Dec 2010

Susannah’s cute little shoes made her feet double in size

Finding Me

05Jul 2010

Lorna’s Boyfriend Dumped her, but she got the ultimate revenge

Media Requests: 27/11/2009

27Nov 2009

Latest story requests. Get paid to appear in national newspapers and magazines.
Tell us if you would like to feature in one of the articles below, or if you have a different story to sell.

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