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Looking for women who have cheated

17Nov 2015

A national newspaper is looking for woman who admit to cheating. One who will admit cheating on partner One who

Expose a love rat: My boyfriend had a different name…and a wife and child

02Nov 2015

Would you like to expose a love rat? FamousFeatures supply real-life stories to the national press. We will get you the most money for your story, and our service is completely free to you. Find out what your story is worth using the Value My Story form on this page.

Foreign love rat fleeced me out of £1,000s …

11Jun 2015

Tracy was hit by a £4,500 con but says her new Turkish toy boy won’t fleece her like the last one did

Victims of love rats wanted for magazine article

03Jun 2015

Have you been the victim of a love rat, fraudster, confidence trickster or serial cheat? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We will pay you to share your story.

I'm a cheating man's worst nightmare

10Feb 2011

Hurt and rejected, size-18 Ashleigh decided to use her curves in a very ingenious way

PRESS ALERT: Stories Wanted – 11.08.2010

10Aug 2010

The Stories Listed are Urgently Needed. We will pay you to appear in a magazine or newspaper story. Just visit www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to tell us if you would like to get paid to be in any of these real life stories or features. Also – please get in touch if you have any other stories that you would like us to consider. We are looking for new story ideas every day. Your real life experiences and true stories could earn you cash; sell a story today.

I lost my life in a Las Vegas gamble

10Jun 2010

Sophie Watson gave up everything for love – and lost

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