Latest Story Requests: 17/11/2009

17 Nov2009
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Story / Case Study Wanted: Women who have had their eggs frozen so they can delay motherhood.

More info: We are not looking for women who have had their eggs frozen because they have cancer or another medical condition, but specifically because they are in their twenties or thirties and because of their career or because they haven’t found a partner, need to delay motherhood and are freezing their eggs as a ‘safety net’.


Story / Case Study Wanted: We are looking for a woman who has been recently widowed who deserves a special day before Christmas.

More info: We are working on a feature where we’re hoping to find a case study who has been through a really hard time this year and need some cheering up before Christmas. So we’re looking for a widow who is really dreading Christmas who we could do something nice for (it’s sort of like a ‘grant a wish’ type of feature, so she can pick whatever she wants to do). If you know if anyone who has a really moving story, we\’d really like to hear from you.

Special criteria: It must be a woman aged 18-35.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Young women who’ve bought DIY botox kits online to use at home, perhaps with catastrophic results.

More info: We’re looking for people who have bought DIY botox kits online to inject themselves at home. We need really strong case studies. For example:

– teens using Botox to ward off wrinkles and buying kits online because it’s cheaper and they cannot afford the real thing.

– people who’ve done the injections themselves and got it wrong.

– DIY botoxers risk paralysis and blindness and the drug has also been linked to 16 deaths in the US, so any extreme examples with shocking photos to illustrate.

– any DIY botox addicts, using it more frequently than every 3 months.

– Any other shocking stories linked to DIY botox.

Special criteria: Preferably female.

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