How much will a magazine pay for a story?

Find out how much a magazine will pay for a story, how much a newspaper will pay, and how much you’ll get to appear on TV

If you want to know how much a magazine will pay for a story, you can get it valued right now.  Just tell us a little bit about your story by completing the form on this page.

You don’t need to send us lots of text, simply stick to the main points (a few of the main points about what happened will suffice at this stage). Our expert writers will be able to give you a good estimate of what you can expect from selling your story.

The form is for valuation purposes only. We won’t publish anything you send us until you tell us to.  All we need is a brief idea of what your story is about to provide a valuation.


Our guarantee

We guarantee to pay the highest fees available for your story (for more information about how we do this, visit the How to Sell a Story to the Press page).  We also guarantee to handle your story with sensitivity and care, allowing you to tell your story, your way.

We make the story selling process so easy that you’ll have to do very little other than tell us what happened over the phone and send us any relevant pictures.  Our friendly writers will take care of every step for you, from getting the best deals to making sure your fee is paid in full to your bank account.

What’s the best part?  Our service is free to you and we are not tied to any particular publication.  Agencies and freelance writers are are paid directly by the publications for finding and writing stories.  The national press rely on our content to fill the pages of the papers and magazine each day.  Your fee will be paid directly from the publication, or via us (depending on which publication you decide to go with).


How to get the most money from your story

To get the most money from selling your story to the press, you need to approach the publications in a specific order and in the right way.  Our team are experts at securing you get the highest fee possible, ensuring that you get paid, and making sure that nobody steals your story or uses it without our permission.

Our team will ensure that everything is done in the correct order to maximize your profit.  You won’t have to worry about a thing.

What can you do to make sure you get the most money?  You MUST make sure that your story remains exclusive.  All publications only pay the maximum fee if your story is exclusive, so keep it that way.  If there is a sniff that others (or you) are touting your story around to multiple agencies or publications, it’s a big turn off.  Newspapers and magazines want to be the only one who has your story, which is why they pay more for it.

If you choose to use FamousFeatures, please don’t share your story with any other journalist, agency, newspaper, magazine, television company or media outlet.  Remember, you can sell to all of them, but it must be done in the correct order.


Recent FamousFeatures Clients

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My long lost sister stole my love-rat husband

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