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05 Jan2016
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The best transexual stories, and here’s why…

FamousFeatures love transexuals and we can’t get enough of transexual stories.  This may sound like a strange statement to make at the top of an article, but listen…

SUN_20140302_null_null_02_30 copyFamousFeatures provide human interest and real-life stories to the national press.  We help hundreds of people share their stories with magazines and newspapers.  Our free service makes sure that people achieve the most money for their stories, whilst also maintaining control of how their story is written.

We’ve worked on all kinds of features from crime stories to pet stories, domestic violence to crazy hen-dos, heartbreaking events to heartwarming moments.  We’ve cried with you, laughed with you, and celebrated with you.

However, our favourite stories, hands down, have been transexual stories.  We’ve worked with scores of transgender women and men to help them share their incredible stories.

unnamed-10Every single transgender person we’ve worked with has had a jaw dropping story to tell.  Not only have most faced turmoil about their own gender and sexuality, but many have faced awful discrimination and abuse from every direction.

We are in awe of these brave people who follow their hearts and swim against the tide of prejudice.  Whilst some cultures accept transgenderism as just another facet of a rich and diverse world (using terms such as ‘third sex’ or ‘Fa’afafines’), we have a long way to go in the Western world when it comes to open-mindedness.

Aside from the amazing stories we’ve encountered, all of the transgender people we’ve worked with have been an absolute pleasure to speak to.  What is always humbling is that, despite the difficult journey many have been on throughout their entire life, and the abuse and torment they have suffered from the public, friends, and even family, every single one of our clients has been brilliant fun, incredibly glam, and a total inspiration.

It would be a complete understatement to say that every single transgender person we’ve worked with has been an inspiration to us in their own way and we’ve loved working with all of them.


If you are a transgender person and you would like to share your story, help raise the profile of transgender people, or help those in a similar situation, please get in touch with us today.

If you are a transgender person, loved one, or family member seeking help or support here are a couple of useful links:

You can read more about selling a story to the press on our Why Sell a Story page.  Or, you can read a small selection of our other client’s stories below.  Further down the page, you’ll see some of the stories that magazines and newspapers are looking for right now.  However, we’d like to hear any story that you think would be good enough to turn into a magazine feature.


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