I took my OAP boyfriend’s virginity

14 Jun2016
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Katie, from Exeter, was 26 when she met Marcus, now 76, who was 66 at the time.

She was going through a hard time and was struggling by with little money and couldn’t pay her rent. Katie was finding every day harder than the last.

Katie got chatting to Marcus at a bus stop and they hit it off, she straight away saw him as a father figure and he asked her if she wanted to come to his house for a meal, as she looked starving.

Marcus took pity on her after he saw the state she was in and let her stay in his flat, and over the weeks they became formed a solid friendship.

After a few months though the relationship was obviously more than friendship between them. Katie thought it a bit odd he didn’t have any children and didn’t talk about partners.

He confessed he had NEVER been with a woman, she couldn’t believe it, he was 40 years older than her.

Eventually they had sex and the pensioner was very nervous, but it went well and now they have an active sex life, they are making up for lost time. If they can they try to have sex everyday.

She says: “Better late than never I guess, and he was really good, what a waste for all the other women, but I have him all to myself now!

“We have even discussed having kids together!”

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