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Transexual stories

05Jan 2016

Whilst some cultures accept transgender people as a completely normal part of society (with terms like the ‘third’ sex or ‘Fa’afafines’), we have a long way to go in the Western world.

Tailoring Your Story to the Market

26Sep 2012

Your story or press release needs to tick three different boxes:
Be relevant to the magazine (so the story covers a topic that is of interest to their readers);
Fit with the target demographic (for example, in most cases 23 year old women don’t want to read about 65 year old men). Also, which gender does the publication aim for?
Is not exactly the same as a recent story that has appeared in the publication (or within one of their competitor magazines).

First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press

10Jul 2012

Sell My Story: First Steps to Selling a Story to the Press. The very first step is deciding which story you are going to sell. I have found that nearly everyone has experienced something press-worthy in their lives – whether they recognise it or not. You may know exactly what story you want to sell, but for the majority of you that don’t, then read on ….I guarantee that you do.

Sell My Story

17Apr 2012

Sell My Real Life Story and Earn Cash Hello - we're going to post a series of blogs that

Busy January for FamousFeatures

07Feb 2011

Apart from our permanent team, we are working with many freelance writers who provide us with great stories from the comfort of their own home, and we are growing our large network of tipsters and spies! Just email us if you’d like to be involved, or you have anything that we’d be interested in.

Merry Christmas from FamousFeatures

22Dec 2010

From us all at Famous Features, thank you all for making this year an absolute belter for our ever expanding agency which, next year will see us taking over new premises, launching more websites and establishing ourselves as one of the UK’s leading agencies to sell your story.

Alex McGowan heads for News of the World

07Sep 2010

Alex McGowan finishes her journalist training at Famous Features and heads to News of the World to start

Birthday Stories – Happy Birthday Brenda!

13Aug 2010

Do you have a funny, tragic, heartwarming, heartbreaking, or bizarre Birthday Story? Share it with us and get paid today.

Festival Stories Wanted

29Jul 2010

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘festival’? Portaloos? Mudslides? Headline acts? The Great Unwashed? Good times? Or misery? Lorna Gray discusses how to cash in on your festival experiences.

WHO WOULD BE A WOMAN? Alex McGowan Blog 2/6/2010

02Jun 2010

Alex McGowan talks about the trials and tribulations of being a woman.

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