Magazine & Newspaper Story Requests – May 2016

24 May2016
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We help fill the pages of every national newspaper and magazine in the country.  We’ll consider any story, but are particularly seeking the following stories and case studies (we’ll pay generously if you can take part in any of these stories):

  1. Victim of love rats, con-artists, and cheats. Share your story and warn others.
  2. Victims of revenge p0rn. Did your partner post naked pictures of you online to upset you?
  3. Age gap relationship case studies wanted, especially where the woman is ten years or more older than partner.
  4. Couple who got divorced then remarried years later.
  5. Couple’s with weird and wonderful $ex lives who wouldn’t mind telling us their secrets.
  6. Superphobics – people who have incredible phobias and fears (this is for a magazine feature and TV show).
  7. People who have six or more kids.
  8. My partner is much posher than me (or the other way around).
  9. I spoil my children rotten.  Do you over indulge your child?
  10. I have or have had an STI.  We need women to talk openly about catching an STI to encourage others to use protection.
  11. Do you buy your teenage kids booze and cigarettes? Tell us why you think it’s better to buy it for them.
  12. Parents who don’t mind their children taking drugs.  Maybe you did the same when you were young and you think it’s important for them to experiment.
  13. Person in a relationship who allows their partner to date or flirt with other people.
  14. I put on eight plus stones and I am happier than ever.
  15. I have spent £20k plus on plastic surgery.
  16. I am addicted to $ex. We are looking for someone to talk frankly about $ex addiction.
  17. I can’t find love because I’m addicted to dating on apps like Tinder. Maybe you feel like there is always someone better on the horizon, which stops you settling for second best.
  18. I was an on-line troll. We’d love to talk to someone who admits they’ve trolled people to tell us why they did it.  Part of our anti-bullying message.
  19. I have been cyber-stalked.
  20. Transgender people who have suffered discrimination.

If you can help with any of these stories, please use the Story Valuation form on this page to state your interest.  Please tell us which story applies to you.

If your story is not on this list, please just tell us a little about your story in a few words.  One of our team will call you back to discuss your story in more detail.

There is no obligation and nothing will ever be printed without your say-so.

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