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17 Apr2012
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Sell My Real Life Story and Earn Cash

Hello – we’re going to post a series of blogs that should help you if you’re looking to get a story published in the press.  Here is the first part:

PART 1: Your Story

Have you lived through a life-changing event? Overcome a terrible illness? Blossomed after divorce? Found love in a strange way? Want to expose a love-rat or cheat?

Have you ever seen a real life story in a women’s magazine or newspaper and thought; ‘my story could be there’.  Perhaps your life is like a soap opera, or maybe you dream of selling your life story and becoming famous and appearing on television?

On the other hand you might dream of becoming a Journalist? Or you might just want to get your work published so that the world can see it. Perhaps you just think to yourself; ‘I want to make some quick cash’.

Whatever your motivation for selling a real life story to the national press, it’s likely that you lack the industry know-how needed to cash in and make it happen.  Maybe you’re a bit nervous about dealing with the editors of a national newspaper or women’s magazine; worried about being exploited or not getting the highest amount of cash for your story?

In truth, most people who decide to go for it fall at the first hurdle and don’t even get their idea read.  Even if they do manage to get their story in front of the right person, they serve it up in the completely wrong way. Quite often editors will be sent stories that seem totally irrelevant to their publication; most of the time it’s just a few simple details that make the difference.

If you are looking to fulfill both of the points above then you are in the right place.  The great news is that, with the right help, anybody can do it…

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting all of my top tips to get your story read and make money.  Please come back and visit us to read more.

In the mean time if you have a story to sell, why not send it to me via the online form on our home page: One of our journalists will get back to you straight away to let you know how much your story is worth.

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