Stories Wanted: 23/11/2009

23 Nov2009
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Today’s Story Requests from the National Press.  Sell a story to a Magazine or Newspaper and Earn Cash Today.

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Story / Case Study Wanted: Amazing and Inspiring women of 2009

Media outlet: Sunday Newspaper Magazine.

Story / Case Study Description:: We are currently writing a piece about the most inspiring women of 2009 who have achieved incredible things this year. Specifically we’re looking for women that have perhaps campaigned to change a law after a personal tragedy, set up an amazing life-changing charity or something similar. All case studies will be paid.

Story Criteria: Needs to be women aged 18-40 who haven’t really appeared anywhere else, aren’t doing any similar features and would be available to do a shoot either this Friday or the following Monday.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Fun, quirky, unusual stories with a strong new year line in them.

Media outlet: Glossy Magazine.

Story / Case Study Description:: We are looking for any strong short features with a good new year line. They can be about anything apart from romance.  Let us know your story ideas and earn cash today.

Story Criteria: Women aged 18 to 35.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Women aged 19-35 for a feature titled: “My Christmas wish came true!”

Media outlet: Glossy Magazine.

Story / Case Study Description:: We’re researching an upbeat, positive, four-case-studies-in-one report for a Glossy Magazine Christmas issue. We’re looking for four women, age 19-35, whose circumstances have changed hugely for the better during 2009.


So, maybe they wished for:

– LOVE. Perhaps they were single at Christmas 2008, and made a resolution to go on a real mission to find love this year, going on loads of dates/setting up their own dating agency/writing a dating book etc – and are now with the man of their dreams.

– MONEY. Perhaps they were in a dead-end, badly-paid job in 2008, but this year they set up an amazing new business/found an amazing new job and are going to end this year making a huge profit/enjoying their new salary/perks.

– FAMILY. Perhaps they always knew they were adopted/had a sibling, and in 2009 they were finally reunited with their birth mum/long-lost sister, etc.

– A BABY. Perhaps they had been trying for kids for years, and this year they finally became a mum in an interesting way, eg: adopting a baby from China; using a sperm donor; etc.

– WEIGHT LOSS. Perhaps a year ago they were overweight and unhappy, but this year, for an interesting reason, they finally shed several stone and now have the body of their dreams.

We will pay each case study for their time and our deadline is the end of this week.

Story Criteria: Case studies should be 19-35 years old, willing to be shot and to provide collect photos if required.

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