People Needed for these Paid Stories: 23/11/2010

23 Nov2010
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Latest Story Requests

National Newspapers and Magazines are looking for the following stories in particular.  Can you help?

You will be paid to feature in any of these magazine or newspaper articles.  Just fill in the form at to let us know if you would like to earn cash from any of these features:

  • New Year’s Eve stories;
  • Foreign love rats (girl who met a guy on holiday who did the dirty);
  • X factor stories or pictures (gossip / snaps / information);
  • Couples called Kate and William wanted for a magazine feature;
  • People getting married 29th April next year;
  • Valentines day stories (yes its that time of year already at FamousFeatures!);
  • Domestic violence where the partner/husband/wife has been convicted;
  • Girls who take drugs or drink excessively aged 12-18;
  • Apprentice stories or pictures (anyone know any of the apprentice contestants? Any info could earn you cash);
  • Shocking accident or injury pictures;
  • Unusual dating stories;
  • Unusual relationship stories (do you have a relationship that doesn’t conform to the norm?).

Please get in touch if you think you could help with one of these magazine or newspaper stories.  We will pay you for your participation, so visit today and fill out our online form.  If you would like to sell a story that isn’t on the above list, just let us know; we are looking for all kinds of stories.

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