Paid Press Requests: 26/11/2009

26 Nov2009
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Today’s latest story request from the national press.  Sell a story to a magazine or newspaper.  Visit to submit your details.



Story or Case Study Wanted: Case studies of Brits either living in Dubai or have moved back from there.

Media Outlet: National Daily Newspaper.

More info: I\’m looking for two case studies for tomorrow\’s paper:

1) a Brit who has moved to Dubai and is struggling to find work, or has lost money on their property in the credit crunch.

2) a Brit who moved to Dubai and has moved back because of the credit crunch.

We would need to speak to them today and get a pic. We can pay them a fee for this.

Each case study will be about 200 words each.

Special criteria: Can also be couples or a family.

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