Story Requests: 25/11/2009

25 Nov2009
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We are looking for these stories right now.  You will get paid for appearing in any of the magazine articles below.  Let us know if you are interested in these, or selling any other stories to the press at:



Story / Case Study Wanted: I’m looking for four girls who will write an open letter saying ‘Why I slept with your boyfriend’

Media outlet: Glossy Women’s Magazine.

More info: It could be ‘I was lonely’, ‘You weren’t giving him what he needed’ or ‘I didn’t know you existed’ – etc, etc.

Girls need to be available to attend photo shoot for More in London on December 4th, and need to provide picture of love-rat.

Special criteria: Girls need to be between 20- 29. Case-study will be paid.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Someone who has submitted a claim for a bank charge refund and will talk on Supreme Court Judgement.

Media outlet: National Newspaper.

More info: This is for a breakout to our main piece on today’s Supreme Court Judgement on bank charges. Many people who were expecting refunds now look like they will be out of pocket.

Special criteria: N/A


Story / Case Study Wanted: Case study who has had a bad experience/or addicted to the party drug methadrone.

Media outlet: National Newspaper.

More info: Needs to be named and pictured

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