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08 Mar2016
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We are always looking for stories, photos and videos that would make interesting news and magazine features. In addition, national women’s magazines and papers are specifically looking for the following stories right now.  Please contact us by filling out the quick story valuation form on this page:

  1. Victims of love-rats, con-artists or fraudsters.  We’d like to help you expose a love rat or cheat and stop them doing it to others.
  2. A couple who got together after one night stand.
  3. Someone who has used benefits to go on holiday or get plastic surgery (or other things considered to be luxury items).
  4. Victims of fraudulent psychics or mediums.
  5. Fun, interesting, heartwarming or heartbreaking mother’s day stories.
  6. I’m middle class but my partner is working class (seeking couples to talk frankly about how their love works or the problems they face).
  7. I look the same age as my daughter (or I look the same age as my mother).
  8. I’m happy to use (or have used) sugar daddies.
  9. My child has been involved in crime.  We want to speak to mothers who have had their hearts broken by their children being involved in crime.  Maybe you reported them to the police or perhaps they didn’t listen to your warnings.
  10. Woman who admits she ‘only sleeps with married men’ (we want someone to tell us why she do this and why it works for her).
  11. Female s£x addict, an older virgin, someone who only has one night stands, and couples in an open relationship.  Or any other quirky relationships.
  12. People who were married or in a long term relationship, but then met the love of their life. Would you, your current partner, and maybe even your ex, be willing to tell your stories?
  13. Woman who lost weight after seeing bikini pic, being ridiculed or something similar.
  14. Women in relationships with older men or younger men (we’d like to hear all about the benefits of being in a relationship with someone much older or much younger).
  15. Women who have had an eating disorder and can share their story to help others in a similar situation.
  16. Slimmers who lost ten stone or more.
  17. Quirky/funny stories – anything considered.
  18. I spent money to look like a celebrity or completely change my appearance.
  19. I would do anything to make my child famous. Are you a self-confessed pushy parent?
  20. Women who have been victim of crime.  If you’ve been the victim of a horrible crime (domestic violence, fraud, battery, etc) we’d like to share your story and help those in a similar situation.
  21. I am or have been addicted to drink/drugs etc.  We’re looking for women to talk candidly about their battle with drink or drugs.
  22. I spoil my children rotten (do you admittedly over-indulge your children).
  23. Transgender stories. We’ve worked with a number of transgender people to bring their stories to the press and help break down preconceptions and raise awareness.
  24. Interesting Wedding, Stag or Hen stories.  Did you get married or engaged in a quirky way, or did something crazy happen on your stag or hen.
If you can help with any of these stories, or you have any other story that would be suitable for a women’s magazine or newspaper feature, please submit your interest on our Story Valuation form.  You can also read more about our free, no obligation service here: Sell a Story to the Press
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