I lost TWO times the size of my husband in weight

I lost TWO times the size of my husband in weight
25 Jun2014
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Huge Melanie Morgan, 36 weighed in at 33 and a half stone, she never thought she would find a man QUARTER of her size…

“Did you know I could fit four of you in me.” I said to my partner Mike.

“I know I am a really small guy and you are all woman,” he replied.

“But it does look a bit odd, we hardly match do we?” I asked.

“I can’t argue with that, we might be made differently but we love it each  all the same.” He said.

“Yes you are right, but we could do something about it.” I said.

“Well I can’t grow!” He said.

“Maybe I can do something about it then.” I replied.

I had been dating Mike Green, 41 since 2008 when we met, through a mutual friend. We both lived in Stoke-on-Trent and had both been single for a long time.

So it sounded like a great match, but physically we couldn’t have been more different. I weighed 33 and a half stone and was relatively tall at five foot nine.

Mike was a thin eight stone and only five foot two. We looked like the odd couple.

After our first date I really liked him. He was funny, kind and caring. All the things I looked for in a man.

But when I got home I thought

“Is this really the right man for me?”

We must have looked like the oddest couple in the UK.

I thought we looked like little and large or, worse still, a mother and son.

I decided I didn’t want to see Mike again. I couldn’t deal with the staring and finger-pointing of strangers.

But after a couple of days soul searching I decided that I shouldn’t care about what people thought. It was my life not theirs.

So a week later we arranged our second date and it went so well. I had definitely made the right decision.

It didn’t change what people thought about us. Strangers would stand in the street and gawp at us.

We moved in together after six months and it was then that we had the conversation to do something about the differences between us.

Of course we couldn’t do anything about the height difference, unless we put Mike on a rack!

So the only thing I could do was lose weight, to re-address the balance.

“I am going to lose twice the weight of you,” I said to Mike.

“That is a colossal amount,” he replied.

“But if that is what it takes to make us look a bit more normal, it will be worth it,” I replied.

To be honest it wasn’t all for Mike. I was obese and it was having an effect on my health. I was struggling to get around, my knees ached and I was out of breath just walking up a flight of stiars.

The doctor also told me I was borderline diabetic and suffering with asthma. I was worried my life expectancy was dropping to under 50.

It would be a good feeling to feel healthy and look better, sexy even. I wanted Mike to find me even more attractive

So I began to diet. I stopped eating takeaways – which I was eating at least five times a week –and ate home cooked meals, with greatly reduced portion size.

I also began to eat fruit and veg, things I had done my best to avoid most of my life. Strangely I even began to enjoy the taste of it. Something I never thought would happen.

I was far too big to go to the gym, but I started to walk as much as I could. I had never felt this healthy.

And the weight did start to drop off. Mike supported me all the way, he was my rock through this. He helped cook healthy meals and encouraged me to go for walks when I really didn’t have the drive.

The weight began to drop off.  But after two years of my strict health routine, in July 2011 I was only just under 30 stones. It simply wasn’t enough.

I was frustrated and wanted to give up.

But just in the nick of time I was offered a gastric sleeve operation on the NHS. The operation was booked in for August  2011.

This was my chance to really shift the weight. I was very ill for a few months after the operation, but I was told by hospital staff that would happen, and as ever Mike was there to look after me.

When I started to feel better the weight dropped off. I simply couldn’t eat as much as I used too. A couple of mouthfuls and I was stuffed.

During 2012 I was losing half a stone or more a month.

I had promised Mike I would get slim and I was, fast.

I have now lost 16 stones exactly, which is TWICE the weight of Mike. I currently weigh 17 stone. I am so happy I kept my promise to Mike.

But I am not going to stop there.  Why not keep going?

I now want to lose the equivalent of THREE Mikes, leaving me nine and half stone. I know it is a big ask, but you can only hope.

I feel much more confident about myself and my body. It has improved our bedroom action. You can’t feel sexy if you hate yourself and now I feel like a real woman.

Mike says It feels like we are more equal now, before it felt like I was her son rather than her lover. Also out bodies fit together better. However, I would love her little or large.


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