Stories Wanted – 10/11/2009

10 Nov2009
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Stories Wanted by Magazines & Newspapers Today (UPDATED DAILY). Visit to submit your details if you are interested in earning money from appearing in the national media.


Story / Case Study Wanted: British lady who admits to shoplifting in the past to fund her ‘middle-class’ lifestyle.

Media Outlet: Daily Newspaper.

More Info: Woman – aged 25-55. Must NOT be shoplifting now but needs to admit to it in past. For a real-life read in Daily Newspaper.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Funny, quirky real-life features to hold a page.

Media Outlet: Glossy Women’s Magazine.

More Info: We are after some fun and quirky features that will hold a page in a women’s magazine.  Do you have any comedy capers that might make a full page story? We are looking for stories of daft animals, anything involving nakedness (eg: sleep-walked into my girlfriend’s parent\’s room the first night I’d met them), a girl who chooses her pet over her boyfriend, or anything that raises a chuckle!


Story / Case Study Wanted: Age gap case study: Older woman, Younger man, preferably with around 30 years between them.

Media outlet: Daily Newspaper.

More info: Couple with large age gap must be available for phone interview and willing to provide/pose for photographs, ASAP.

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