Wedding, what wedding?

02 May2011
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By Jenny Francis, Famous Features reporter

Here at the FamousFeatures office, we’ve been suffering from a post-Royal Wedding hangover.

The build up to what was undoubtedly the wedding of the century had us crazy with excitment for weeks (oh who are we kidding), months on end.

Speculation over who would design the dress, what the bridesmaid would wear, and whether we’d see Victoria Beckham’s bump, was all too much for one office to handle.

The bunting went up two weeks before the big day and as the 29th crept closer we crossed our fingers that the weather forecasters had got it wrong and the rain would hold off.

And when the day arrived we woke up feeling like it was Christmas.

I myself held a garden party in Clapham, south London to celebrate complete with homemade bunting, Wills and Kate posters, Union Jack flags and an abundance of royally themed cupcakes and large helpings of Pimms.

The regal fancy dress theme saw housemates and guests don RAF uniforms, Royal Soldiers outfits, union jack dresses, and Zara Phillips joppers while and I couldn’t resist stepping into a wedding dress for the occasion – why not?

And as we took our seats around the telly box we held our breath as Kate stepped out of the car. It was everything we hoped for, the dress was classically stunning – if anyone passes Sarah Burton in the street please give her a congratulatory high five from us – the ceremony was incredible, the carriage was fairytale and the balcony kiss(es) made us gush.

Also, Pippa Middleton, where did that figure come from? Can you please pass on those diet secrets? Or at least divulge the name of the personal trainer responsible!

While we let the Royals continue their celebrations behind Palace doors, we continued ours. More Pimms, more cakes and a lot of bbq-ed meat.

The day made us proud to be British and all I have to say is Chelsea Davy, if you’re reading this, I’m coming for Harry!

But now that it’s over we need YOUR wedding stories to keep us from entering too far into post- Royal Wedding sadness.

Funny moments? Marry your childhood sweetheart? Have a surprise engagement? Let us know so the Famous Features office can continue the romance for the rest of the summer!

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