My Baby Made Me Love My Body!

My Baby Made Me Love My Body!
28 Jan2011
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  •  April's dad left when she was eight. The youngster was distraught.

She turned to self-harm to cope, and was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression.


  • Over the years, she became more and more obsessed with her appearance and found it hard to leave the house. She only felt happy when her face was caked in make up, and started drinking to cope, as well as becoming tanorexic.


  • Watching a TV programme about BDD, April realised that was her problem, but still found it hard to cope.


  • After years pushing her boyfriend Robert away because she thought he deserved better and she was convinced she was infertile, April fell pregnant – and it turned her life around.


“I stopped drinking straight away, and I don't know if it was the hormones but all of a sudden the massive black cloud of depression that had been hanging over me lifted – I felt happy for the first time in years.”


When Cara arrived a year ago, April's demons faded further.

“She gives me something to focus on other than myself. Cara's innocence and happiness reflects on me and she's been the best cure I could have wished for!”


“After all these years of suffering I never would have dreamed that a little mini-me would cure all my problems. I still have blips now and then – but I just have to look at Cara and she gives me the strength to carry on – she's my little saviour.”

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