Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love
28 Jan2011
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  •  When Grace was diagnosed with spina bifida in the womb Nicky refused an abortion. She felt Grace, the first girl in her family for 18 years, deserved as much of a chance as her twin brother Harry.


  • The twins were delivered by C-section at 35 weeks when Harry stopped growing. They weighed 4lbs 3oz and 4lbs 7oz. Nicky was only able to see Grace's foot through all the equipment before she was taken to another hospital for operations.


  • Grace's mid-lumbar cyst which was closed when she was 24 hours old. When the twins were reunited Harry snuggled up next to his sister and gurgled – and the pair have been inseparable since.


  • Grace's nerves have been affected by the cyst and she's not as mobile as Harry – but her big brother Thomas is always on hand to help.


“He understands she's different and he's always looking out for her,” says Nicky.


“He tells people Grace is his sister, but she's a special sister because she has a poorly back, and explains he has to look after her. He also tells people: ‘I'm special because I have twins,' which always gets a smile. He really does believe they're his twins.


“As Grace grows we'll discover the full extent of her problems, but so far she's impressed the doctors. However bad it is, though, we know Thomas, her second mummy, will be on hand to help her through.”

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