Stories Wanted: 5/11/2009

05 Nov2009
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Today’s ‘Sell a Story’ Request.  The latest story and case study requests from the National Newspapers and Magazines.

If you fit the profile that we are looking for, fill out the online form at:



Story / Case Study Wanted: Former soldier now retraining in another career.

Story / Case Study Info: We are working on a piece to run next week on ex soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty, and are now retraining in a different career. It’s will be a very straight forward, positive article which will show their determination to carry on. All that would be required is a brief chat on the phone either today (Thurs) or Friday, plus a picture.

Story / Case Study Criteria: Any age. Former soldier. Must be available for pix and chat Thursday or Friday.

Story / Case Study Request: We are looking for case studies / stories about CHRISTMAS MIRACLES.

Media Outlet: Woman’s Weekly Magazine.

Story Request Info: We are looking for any stories / case studies about CHRISTMAS MIRACLES.  These could include last minute Xmas lottery wins, medical marvels, xmas proposals – anything amazing that happened at Christmas.

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