Stories Wanted 04/01/2010: Earn Easy Cash in the New Year

04 Jan2010
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Earn easy cash in the New Year and appear in one of these magazine articles.  Visit: to send us your details or sell another story to the press.



Person / Story Wanted: We’re looking for a ‘frenemy’ case study – two female friends who have fallen out in the past.

Where the story will appear: Women’s Magazine.

Story Info: Ideally the girls will have fallen out over a boy. They must have since made up so we can photograph them together.  They must be between the ages of 18-35. Nearer 30 would be more preferable.  You will be paid to feature in this article.


Person / Story Wanted: A woman aged 25 – 45 who is or was addicted to prescription drugs/painkillers

Where the story will appear: Sunday Newspaper Magazine.

More info:  It’s a report on easy availability of/addiction to painkillers or prescription drugs. Interested in talking to someone who got heavily involved perhaps with more than one drug, perhaps getting them off the internet.  There have been a number of cases highlighted in the media of people addicted to SSRI’s, so we would be most interested to talk to someone who had a problem with painkillers such as Vicoprofen or Hydrocodone, or was taking a combination of drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and painkillers. You will be paid to feature in this article.


Person / Story Wanted: I am looking for a mum and daughter who are willing to swap nights out!

Where the story will appear: Women’s Magazine

More info: I need a mum who goes to bingo who is willing to swap nights out with her daughter. Ideally the mum would be in her late 40s. The mum will go out clubbing with her daughter\’s mates, and the daughter will go out to bingo with her mum\’s mates. It\’s just a fun feature so see how they both get on doing something different.  They will be followed by a photographer and then interviewed afterwards. They will also be paid and expenses covered.

Special criteria? : They must have never done any media before and be up for a laugh! You will be paid to feature in this article.

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