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02 Feb2010
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Love is in the air

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Well, nearly. The big day is approaching, and it’s an event that divides everyone into two groups.

Firstly, the Smug Marrieds and Taken – those of you happily in love with your partners, laughing at the rest of us who are single and lonely.  We want to hear your stories of love and romance – week-long extravaganzas of gifts and serenading, as in the case of Britain’s most romantic man, Andrew Nellis.  He took girlfriend Jodie away on a series of surprise trips, a helicopter ride and even a ride on a Venetian gondolier to propose.  He spent £13,000 making it the perfect romantic week, and we sold his story to Pick Me Up magazine and Your Life in the Daily Mirror.

But what about those Valentine’s Day stories that go wrong?  We’ve heard of girls going to the hairdresser’s for the day, determined to become peroxide for the big Valentine’s date, only to have a hair-dye disaster.  Losing your hair as you eat a romantic candle-lit meal? Doesn’t sound too amorous from where we’re standing. But we would still like to hear your stories.

Valentine’s is also a day to put pressure on relationships. Massive pressure from the media to have a ‘perfect day’ with your loved one often outs problems you’re having as a couple into sharp focus.  We’ve listened to girlfriends who moan that their fellas spend all day every day on the internet, not paying them any attention in the slightest.

Then there’s the ladies who get their revenge – dumping their men on Valentine’s Day by sticking up posters of them in their cities, advertising to every unsuspecting woman that their ex is a love rat to avoid.

We want to hear all your great Valentine’s Day stories, whether they’re happy, sad, or just plain crazy. Any special marriage proposals? Did your man dress up in your clothes to get down on one knee? Or did you catch him in bed with your best mate?  Selling your story to one of the top national magazines or newspapers is the best way to get your story across effectively, in the way that you want.

On a sadder note, there are also some tragic Valentine stories out there. Sons who died in car crashes, hours away from delivering their presents to their girlfriends the following day.  Telling your story can help spread a message – whether it’s to stop people from speeding, or get revenge on a cheating boyfriend who broke your heart.

We negotiate the best fee for your story, and tell it in the way you want it to be told.  So get in touch, and share your February stories with the Famous Features team.

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