I let women sleep with my husband

09 Sep2015
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The couple from Leicester married 2 years ago, after meeting in 2012. He was her window cleaner, they went on one date and he moved in.

He has a VERY high sex drive, and they would have sex at least 5 times a day, doing it for 16 hours non-stop on a regular basis.

But the sex was too much for Rebecca and she couldn’t keep up.

He told Rebecca he had slept with over a 100 women and she had only slept with a few men.

He had been to swingers clubs and had threesomes before. He had also slept with a women while his partner watched.

One evening they got drunk and Rebecca asked him to go to a swingers club, but it was full of lorry driver type men, and the women were out of shape.

Eventually they got chatting to a couple of women, and went into an orgy room. She didn’t want to go with another man though, “I’m married so wouldn’t have sex with a man but with a woman is ok”.

Rebecca wasn’t jealous afterwards so the couple started going on POF once a month to get a woman round as a little treat for Daniel and to take the pressure off Rebecca.

She says,

“He wants it all the time, he never stops”.

“I ran out of ideas how to keep him satisfied, so I let him have other women”

“If he has a f**k buddy on the side I don’t care, as long as he tells me. I am fine with it, as long as he uses something and he isn’t in my house”.


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